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Located in Parkville, Missouri, Grace’s Best has been skillfully crafting flavorful sunflower seed and rolled oat cookies in an SQF level 2 factory for 12 years. An unbelievably tasty and addictive cookie, the brand can boast having only 130 calories per 5 cookies! This naturally delicious snack is the #1 performing cookie in many major retailers in the Midwest, and to our knowledge, is the ONLY sunflower seed cookie on the market today.

We helped Grace’s Best by providing a thorough market and pricing review, which enabled management to make substantial changes in their packaging and pricing structure. With better packaging and a more competitive price point, our re-introduction to the marketplace has been fantastic. We have introduced and sold Grace’s Best to more than 55 new stores, operating in over 500 locations, and have implemented a very aggressive sampling program, which has driven significant sales – one taste of this cookie, and consumers are absolutely hooked!


Testimonial: PCS Gourmet Foods developed a targeted social media strategy that increased traffic to our website and retailers. We saw a noticeable improvement in our brand’s recognition and an obvious lift in sales. I highly recommend PCS to take your social media presence to the next level.

–  Jeff Watson Grace’s Best Cookies



Dana James
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