PCS Gourmet Foods | The Berry Nutty Farm
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The Berry Nutty Farm

About This Project

The Berry Nutty Farm was referred to us by another client. When we met them, they were selling their incredible fruit spread at farmers markets and country fairs, but they were ready to take the next step into retail.

Like with any new client, prior to a formal engagement, we review pricing, packaging, manufacturing capacity, and other factors to ensure that the product will be competitive in the retail environment. With The Berry Nutty Farm, we found that their 18oz fruit spreads, which sold for $10.99, would not garner them our target margin of 40% at retail, so we resized their mason jars to 13 ounces, and lowered the retail price to $6.99.

The changes allowed us to help them get into Natural Grocers, Hy-Vee, Sprouts, and other grocery locations, regionally. We accomplished the entire transformation and entry into retail in less than 6 months!

Client Success Stories