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Everything we do is viewed through a sales lens. Pricing, packaging, logistics, placement, demos, and promos are designed for success. Our team develops a sales plan to put your brand in the best possible light. We leverage our history with more than 2,000 Specialty Grocers and work diligently to get great placement in the right retail settings. After successfully getting product onto the shelf, we work on sell-through and sales velocity to achieve reorders. 


As a first step in nearly every client engagement, we dissect pricing to uncover potential problem areas. We then do an extensive analysis of the competition to understand how your retail price stacks up against others in the same space. We offer our insights in our proprietary pricing matrix document. If necessary, we offer advice on how to fix any deficiencies to ensure that your costs allow for the margins you want, and a competitive retail price. We leverage long established relationships with packaging vendors, manufacturers, printers, and logistics companies to go beyond analysis and advice to offer you actual, tangible solutions that will improve your bottom line.


Pricing and branding go hand-in-hand. If your price doesn’t align with the look and feel of your brand, the disconnect often will lead to confusion, and ultimately, failure in the marketplace. We know what retailers want, we understand the motives of your customers, and we can help you position your brand for optimal success with your target audience.


To us, packaging is far more than just design; it’s psychology. We abide by a guiding principle called S.U.B – when a consumer encounters a package at the shelf for the first time, they need to (1) See it, (2) Understand it, and (3) Buy it. If someone can quickly see and understand your product from 5-8 feet away, you have a chance at a sale. We can give your product its greatest chance for success by creating engaging, on-brand packaging that jumps off the shelf. We also have extensive experience developing merchandise displays, which can be a very effective tool to drive sales.



Shipping and logistics are often critical components that are overlooked, but getting your product to retailers might be the most important aspect of your supply chain. We look at logistics in two ways; (1) we want to ensure you have the proper, most cost-effective case pack dimensions, and (2) we want to optimize your freight rates. Freight companies don’t want to ship air, so consolidating your product in each carton is ideal. But retailers have different needs, as they want to maintain minimal back room labor, and move shelf-ready cases directly off the truck and onto the shelf. We can help you determine the sweet spot that best serves the demands of the freight company, the retailer, and your business.


We look at everything we do through the sales lens. All of the work we do to refine pricing, branding, packaging, and logistics is done so that when the brand is ready, we’re confident that our retail partners will be excited to carry it. We develop sell sheets to put your brand in the best possible light, and then work diligently to get great placement in the right retail settings, leveraging more than 2,000 store contacts in our database, many of which we keep in touch with on a regular basis. After successfully getting onto the shelf, we push for reorders, focusing on sell-through and sales velocity, to achieve, and exceed, your sales objectives.


The process doesn’t stop at sales. We work hard to continually drive consumers to retail locations to purchase your products. We do this through social media engagement, web optimization, search engine marketing, and point of sale promotions. Maintaining a strong brand awareness is key to repeat business, and we do everything we can to maximize your exposure with your target audience.