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PCS Gourmet Foods builds SALES by developing elevated brands that compete nationally in the top specialty grocers and retailers. We do this through proven business strategies.


We develop a unique sales strategy that’s specific every customer’s brand to ensure optimal performance in the right retail environments.


We provide proven brand strategy and marketing insight to ensure that your products are equipped to compete in specific channels.


We provide central US drop-shipping programs from our climate-controlled warehouse, leveraging our discounted UPS rate for our clients, whether shipping from their facilities or ours.

 We have hundreds of relationships with retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Hy-Vee, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Straub’s Markets, Schnuck’s, Lucky’s Markets, and many others, and are able to leverage these connections to get our clients’ brands onto retail shelves.

Come to us with a well-conceived product, priced right, branded right, packaged right, and marketed right, and we’ll have no trouble getting it to the shelf. Unfortunately, most companies, especially startups, don’t know what they don’t know, and often have glaring deficiencies that would diminish their chances at success. Once you’ve gone to market with the wrong price, a bad distribution strategy, or the wrong positioning, the damage may already be done, and the expense (both financially and in brand equity) to recover could be crippling.

You may only have one shot at this. Don’t risk it. Talk to us. This is what we do.



A brand is so much more than a logo. From the viability of a great brand name to an engaging logo to the tone of your communications, your brand is who you are (and who your competition isn’t). If you don’t have a good brand or are unsure whether you do, we can provide a brand analysis, and offer recommendations to ensure you’re positioned effectively in your marketplace.


Effective packaging is key, especially at retail. We can provide guidance to ensure that your package is in compliance with retailer requirements, and that it attracts shoppers to choose you over your competitors (both visually, and because we highlight the most on-trend claims your product can boast). Beyond the package itself, we can develop compelling, on-brand Point of Sale (POS) promotions that will elevate you from another brand on the shelf to a brand of interest.


The best, most well-positioned brand can’t overcome a bad or misguided sales strategy. We leverage our relationships with major retailers (from large grocers like Whole Foods Market, Hy-Vee, and HEB to health food chains like Fruitful Yield, Sprouts, and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage to online retailers like to help you place your product where it will succeed. We have regular meetings with our retail partners, we understand what they’re looking for, and oftentimes, we can “skip the line” by negotiating directly with their buyers, and avoiding their sometimes complex, convoluted, and lengthy product approval processes.


For many food companies, generating sales online is a critical aspect of a well-rounded sales strategy, offering an avenue to generate higher margins. We can help you create your online presence (from design and development to content creation and photography to helping you plan logistics), and we understand how to funnel traffic to drive results. We’re experts at leveraging promotional tools like AdWords, retargeting ads, and native advertising, and can help you tell your story in a broad, comprehensive, and compelling way.


Once you’ve hit the shelves, launched your web store, and formally launched your brand, the work has just begun! From social media strategy to email campaigns to guerrilla marketing tactics, we know how to reach your consumer by whatever means necessary, and we can help you create a plan to do so that fits your size, budget, and sales goals.


It’s important to understand that approaching distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturing partners requires a completely different sales and marketing approach than the one you’re implementing in the consumer marketplace. We can help you develop presentations, sell sheets, and other collateral that helps you win business. This also includes support for trade shows, which can offer a unique venue to network with other businesses that can help you grow your company.