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PCS Gourmet Foods understands that every food business is distinct. We’ve intentionally built our business around the needs of our diverse customer base, because we realize that every company is at a different point in its journey.

If you have everything in place, and simply need a capable sales partner to help you crack the retail code, the engagement is simple, and the impact we can make on your business can be very meaningful.

But we also have devised a few solutions where we’ve bundled some common services for specific client types. These packages offer a great starting place to effectively orient food and beverage companies for sales success. We can add or subtract services, as needed, to ensure that our solution is the exact right fit for your business. And because we understand that working capital is precious, we extrapolate the total cost into easy monthly installments over a 6-month or 1-year contract.

Here are a few profiles of customers we often encounter, with initial package details. Contact us to discuss your unique situation, and to learn how we can help you achieve your sales goals.



We LOVE working with startups! It gives us an opportunity to help passionate entrepreneurs with great ideas to mold their visions into winning brands. In this capacity, we can be optimally effective, as we can provide insight based on our extensive experience to steer early decisions about product development, naming, packaging, manufacturing, and other critical factors. By maximizing brand positioning and strategy at the onset, we can give our clients their best chance at real and sustained success.



Some brands start out strong, but fail to maintain momentum for a variety of reasons. Missteps in pricing, branding, manufacturing, packaging, and positioning can limit the potential of a really good product. We see old brands that need to be refined to better compete with today’s challengers, newer brands whose introductions were underwhelming, and some great brands that need to overcome shifting market conditions to stay relevant. PCS Gourmet Foods can give your brand the boost that it needs to win in your market.



Successful companies sometimes need help, too. The smart ones are always looking for an edge or a better result, and when a decision is made to expand into new and uncharted lands (whether physical sales territories, unfamiliar markets, or new product categories), fresh perspective from an experienced industry expert can be the catalyst that takes a product launch from promise and potential to performance and profit. Whether trying to gracefully apply a current brand to a new line, or simply developing and launching an entirely new brand, PCS Gourmet Foods can make the transition seamless, and can effectively leverage your current success to exceed your sales expectations.